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Sax Party - A real party for real entertainment Incredible combination of appropriately selected contemporary dance music and a wind instrument live solo (flute, trumpet, saxophone) or a voice.  
Night Club - Party in all cases The diversity of styles and performers will turn an ordinary night into a memorable party at top high spirits. Programs complied with the style requirements of every single club.  
Beach Bar & Summer Garden - Musical comfort under the open sky Package of musical setting for a beach bar, swimming pool or summer garden. 
Sax Intro - Elegant inroduction for every event Pre-bar mix with a wind instrument live solo (flute, trumpet, saxophone).
Restaurant & Lobby - Musical compliment to good clients Special selections of musical setting for a restaurant or a lobby bar. 

UZO - Live Sax


Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Nikolay Uzunov and i am a saxophone player for the last 20 years. Because of my Surname most of the people call me UZO, and so this is my stage name.

During the years of playing music i made a lot of different things with many people in different groups and playing different styles of music.

Lately i am playing more Club Dance Music like Deep House, Vocal house and etc. , but i also play with many musicians as duo, trio or bigger bands and all is up to the event.

If you want to have interesting and fresh party - not an ordinary one - You can always count on me.

Feel free to take a look on the services i provide in the menu obove. If you like something, but you have an idea how it will be more special - just share and let's make it!

I wish you all the best and if you have any questions - just drop me a line or call me.

Best Regards,

Nikolay Uzunov UZO

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