Not just in Germany, the Automotive Industry is not rarely the biggest economic engine for a country. Often one of the biggest employer of skilled workforce and a known for being a key driver of innovation. Modern vehicles are safer, more fuel efficient, and more technically advanced than ever before.

During the last ten years, the massive globalization, deep structural changes and manufacturing competitiveness impose new challenges and new opportunities on companies in the automotive value chain. The industry is going totally new ways with totally new challenges, meanwhile WEMAP International is rising the challenge.

The futurly leader in this industry are those manufactories who understood that they need to become a digital high-tech company and we’re about to help our clients becoming one.

We support the industry in facts of mobile solutions, and GPX or Location-based Services incorporating in products like cars, trucks and buses for wireless communication and computing technologies or for In-vehicle environments with a usability for their customers on highest state of Art. Get now in contact for your consultant in Multimedia & Industries or use our contact form for general information.

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